Tango Sin Fin is a nonprofit organization created in December 2012 by a collective of independent self-advocate musicians interested in the growth of tango music. Their members are in charge of the production, promotion and completion of all the projects developed.

The aim of the organization, currently chaired by Paulina Fain and Exequiel Mantega, is to promote Argentine music nation and worldwide, with a special emphasis on tango, but including all the country’s popular expressions, making it possible to reach out to larger audiences.

To attain this objective, several educational actions are carried out, fostering the future development of the genre for the younger generations.

Some of the activities regularly performed by Tango Sin Fin are:

  • Educational tango conferences for musicians and teachers
  • Tango workshops and masterclasses in Argentina and around the world
  • Edition of teaching materials on Argentine popular music
  • Publishing of tango educational books
  • Comission and promotion of new Argentine music related compositions
  • Concerts and promotional tours in Argentina and around the world
  • Edition and publishing of audio, video and multimedia content
  • Printed and digital publishing of new compositions
  • Online and traditional promotion of similiar musical activities
  • Support to other programs which also work on the development Argentine popular music