Método de Tango: A fundamental collection

Método de Tango is the first fundamental book series that teaches how to play tango music, published in English and Spanish since 2014 by Tango Sin Fin in Buenos Aires.

This book series is the first to address a methodological and pedagogic approach to the decoding and teaching of tango music, using academic terms, exercises and musical studies which provide the posibility to any musician in the world to understand the genre’s language.

Each volume is focused on one instrument: flute, violin, bass, bandoneon, piano and guitar. In individual chapters through exercises and studys the rhythmic and expressive universes of tango, ornaments, percussion effects, vals and milonga. At the end of each chapter, pieces to play with other musicians are included.

In addition, audio and video files are provided for free online streaming with the examples and the backing tracks of all the exercises and pieces included.


The collection

The authors


From left to right: Ramiro Gallo, Eva Wolff, Hernán Possetti, Paulina Fain, Ignacio Varchausky & Sebastián Henríquez.

We’re still working on the recording and editing of the audio and video examples of the three latest books in the Método de Tango book series, including “The Guitar in Tango”, and “The Bandoneon in Tango”, which is why they are not yet available for online streaming. You can receive a notification when they are published by liking our Facebook page or subscribing to our newsletter.