Tango Para Músicos is the Argentine weeklong intensive workshop for musicians in which students and teachers get together to study and share knowledge on the fundamentals of tango and Argentine music. This event is organized by Tango Sin Fin and features an artistic faculty with some of the most renowned musicians in the Argentine music scene.

Its three editions in Buenos Aires (under the name Tango Para Músicos) and three in the US (presented in collaboration with the prestigious Reed College) gathered hundreds of musicians from all around the world. Each edition also featured a mini festival of free open to the public concert performances of some of the key groups in the development of contemporary tango and Argentine music.

Artistic faculty members from past editions of Tango Para Músicos include: Diego Schissi, Julián Peralta, Exequiel Mantega, Ramiro Gallo, Hernán Possetti, Santiago Segret, Eva Wolff, Juan Pablo Navarro, Pablo Fraguela, Ignacio Varchausky, Sebastián Henríquez, Adrián Enríquez, Gustavo Hunt, Hernán Ríos, Victoria Polti, Mariana Atamás, Micaela Vita, Juan Saraco, Guillermo Rubino, Adam Tully, Lucho Guedes and Paulina Fain —Director— among others.

Tango Para Músicos 2016 Highlights